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Evaporative Condenser

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   Evaporative Condenser is a high efficiency heat exchanging equipment which is updated and developed on the basis of the most advanced heat exchanging technology from broad. The product integrates with traditional condenser, cooling tower and water circulating pump. It has many advantages: such as small occupation area, easy installation and maintenance, economical energy system, low noise, environmental protection and durability. It is ideal substitution for traditional shell-tube condenser and cooling tower system.

  -Evaporative condenser integrates condenser, water pump and cooling tower,and is assembled conveniently.
  -It has good condensing effect to reduce exhaust pressure and running power of compressor,
  -Evaporative condenser also applies to both Ammonia and Freon refrigeration system.
  -Corrosion-resistant hot galvanizing steel structure and top-ranking ventilator design.
  -It is easy to maintenance in low cost and high reliability.
  More details please contact with rimsky at yahoo dot cn